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Modernisation of own and third party machines


Sometimes it makes better economic sense to modernise existing machines and equipment rather than buying new ones. Depending on your requirements, Dirk Schumann GmbH upgrades your machines with the latest control and regulation technology, and/or replaces mechanical parts. This service isn‘t just available for Dirk Schumann GmbH’s own components, but also for components of practically all makes.

General overhaul of old machines


To make sure that your old machines don’t look their age we take them apart and rebuild them for our customers. This service includes a fully comprehensive component check, and we can also take any customer equipment requests into account or install the latest control technology. The last stage is always a detailed final acceptance procedure for the machine or system.

Assembly and commissioning of your machines


Our experienced and professionally trained engineers assemble and commission your machines at your premises. All machine functions are set to optimise machine functionality and maximise performance.

We provide training to your personnel so that they are competent in machine operation and maintenance. Qualified personnel are a crucial factor in maximising machine productivity.









Factory standard calibration


Most companies introduced quality management systems many years ago as a means of ensuring the constant high quality of their manufactured products. This means that all quality relevant features of a product have to be tested, and traceably calibrated testing equipment has to be used.

The calibration ensures that the measuring results are internationally comparable and that product liability risks are minimised – an important basis for competitiveness in today’s and tomorrow’s markets.



Dirk Schumann GmbH is a company in the testing systems business. We develop and produce complex systems for the manufacturing industry on an in-house basis. Vehicle testing systems are our area of specialisation and we are continuously expanding our business in this segment.


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